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Chicken with Koumi Sauce - Itsumo Japanese Restaurant

Itsumo – My Favorite Japanese Restaurant in Saigon

[quote float=”right”]SaigonNezumi’s Favorite Japanese Restaurant in Saigon[/quote]

This may seem like a Japanese week on my blog since in the last 5 days I have eaten at 3 Japanese restaurants.  Remember, I am half-Japanese and I was raised on Japanese food.  It is the best food in the world, in my  biased half-Japanese opinion.  Today I visited the newly opened Itsumo Japanese Restaurant in Pham Ngu Lao.  It is now one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. (more…)

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Sushi Dining Aoi - Saigon, Vietnam

Sushi Dining Aoi – New restaurant in Saigon

There is another Japanese sushi restaurant in town.  Though Sushi Dining Aoi has been open since January, my visit there yesterday was the first time I was able to take some pictures.  I went there with Thuy (@betoneko) and her friend, An.  Both studied in Kyushu for many years and are lovers of Japanese food.  Sushi Dining Aoi is located (more…)

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2012 Ebi Ten Maki (Sushi Bar Saigon)

Sushi Bar (Then and Now)

Today I met up with Clifton for lunch at the Zen Plaza Sushi Bar in District 1.  Despite being walking distance from Zen Plaza, this was my first visit to Sushi Bar 2 is over a year.  For once, I remembered to take some photos of the food I normally order there which includes the Ebi Ten Maki sushi rolls and Sakae Furai fish dish.  One noticeable thing about the Sushi Bar over the last three years is that the size of the portions have gradually gotten smaller.  (more…)

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