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Saigon Traffic Police CGST

Getting stopped by the traffic police (CSGT) in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam

Back in January, 2018, I got pulled over by the infamous traffic police (CGST) in the Phu Nhuan District. I was stopped for being...
Teacher's Day Vietnam

Expats Leaving Vietnam

Note: This post was originally typed back in August, 2013, but never published.  Today I decided to edit it since I have been out...
Vietnamese Communist Flag

Statute of Limitations for Crimes in Vietnam

Probably one of the biggest frustrations many Expats will have when living in Vietnam is trying to figure out the Vietnamese legal system.  It...
Vietnam Flag

Getting Vietnamese Documents Consularized

I got my Vietnam Criminal Background Report a couple weeks ago.  Since the CBR is written in the Vietnamese language, I had to get...
Vietnamese Communist Flag

New Work Permit Decree Impact on Saigon

Yesterday I was having a conversation with my landlord's son in regards to rental rates for serviced rooms, apartments and houses in Saigon now. ...
Vietnam Flag

Criminal Background Check for Vietnam (2013)

Edit 1:  I received my criminal background report on September 26, 2013, or roughly 6 weeks after I applied for it.  I came back...
Vietnamese Communist Flag

BBC: US criticises Vietnam internet control law

Been awhile since I wrote anything related to politics here in Vietnam.  The BBC  published online a report about the US Embassy (in Hanoi)...