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OnePlus 6T

My Linux Phones (from 2005 – present)

Edited on Dec. 7, 2018: It is common knowledge amongst my friends that I am a Linux gadget freak, especially in regards to mobile phones. ...
systemd in Centos 7

systemctl versus service in CentOS 7

Well, traveling and working around the world, I did not keep up with any technology news.  Unfortunately for me, it meant I missed the...
Samsung Note 4

Lollipop 5.0.1 and Samsung Note 4 (9106w) China Unicom

If you bought a China Unicom Samsung Note 4 Model 9106w, then most likely you have had to root your phone just to use...

#HourOfCode – #Kazakhstan @codeorg

I did the Hour of Code (#HourOfCode) with all of my ICT students last week and last Monday. The classes were from. 6th to...

Last Minute Packing

Darn, I overslept today.  I can't even go on a run.  I still haven't packed for the trip.  I have to make sure I...