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Paintings at Ru Pho Bar

Paintings at Ru Pho Bar

Some of the paintings you will see at Ru Pho Bar in Saigon.
Ru Pho Bar - Saigon

Ru. Pho Bar

I visited this coffee shop with Tiffany, a local VK artist.
Sitting Buddha at The Fig - Saigon

Buddha at The Fig

The Fig is well known for it's Buddhist decor in Saigon including the sitting Buddha outside.  
Halal Roti - Saigon

Roti anybody?

I love roti even though it may not be too healthy for you.  This is served at the Halal Malaysian restaurant, Warung.
Ice Mocha with Milk - bang khuang cafe

Ice Mocha with Milk – bang khuang cafe

My favorite ice coffee in Saigon now at bang khuang cafe...
Cafe in Saigon

Relaxing during the noon sun

I just remembered it being so hot today.  It was April 2nd and I was with some friends.  This day was a very memorable...
Kevin Miller in Trung Nguyen Coffee Magazine

Kevin Miller, Jr., in Trung Nguyen Magazine

Yes, that is me in the center of the picture wearing the black polo shirt.  I was surprised to be in this magazine.  On...