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Some current and past photos of Saigon either submitted by saigonnezumi or readers.

Mocha at Wayne's Coffee Saigon

Wayne’s Coffee Viettel Tower (Saigon)

Wayne's Coffee, a Swedish coffee chain, opened their first cafe in Saigon over a week ago. Located at the new Viettel Tower, 285 Cach...
Baba's Kitchen Saigon

Baba’s Kitchen (District 1) new location

Baba's Kitchen's District 1 location will be moving on July 5th, 2018. Babas will be moving to the end of Bui Vien Street at...

Awesome Starbucks location in Saigon

Just saw this location for Starbucks last Thursday in District 3. I did not stop there but thought the location was pretty cool. This...

Aber, Just as good as UberMoto?

I tired out Aber this week. With it's name, you would think they are trying to replace Uber in Saigon. It makes good marketing...

Little Coffee Shop Birdie

This little guy was roaming around H1 Coffee.

Parking woes

Parking can be a hassle in Vietnam if you want a scratchfree bike. I always.put a motorcycle cover on my.bike. Still, occasionally you...

Dragon fruit

One of my favorite fruits in Vietnam.