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tech@saigonnezumi: Technology related posts and video interviews of tech leaders, open source, etc., throughout Vietnam and the World.

2048 – My Favorite Android Game at the moment

Well, my students got me addicted to 2048.  I started playing this game app last weekend.  I saw many of my students playing it...

Encrypting Gmail emails with Mailvelope

It has been awhile since I did any technology blog posts.  I decided it was time to do some again.  As an ICT/Design Technology...
Beeline - Kazakhstan

Choosing a 3G and 4G provider in Kazakhstan

I have been in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for nearly 3 months now (minus the 3 weeks back in Saigon, Vietnam, for my holidays).  As an...

Hackintosh on LeanPC Part 2

Finally got Hackintosh installed. Got some work to do getting wifi to work. More updates later... Posted from WordPress for Android

Playing with Hackintosh

Trying to get Hackintosh installed on the small LeanPC.  Will spend another day with it. Hackintosh is more difficult to install on AMD systems. ...

Macbook Pro crashing

Those of us with 2009 Macbook Pros suffer this same ailment. When upgraded to Mountain Lion, our Macs tend to crash due to issues...

Primany ICT students

This is my 4th summer in a row teaching ICT to students at The American School of Vietnam. My gut feeling says this may...