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Ali Baba Restaurant Halal Kebab in Saigon

Ali Baba Restaurant Grand Opening – Doner Kebabs in Saigon

A new halal restaurant, Ali Baba Restaurant, is opening up near the Tan Son Nhat Airport offering halal doner kebabs.  It will open tomorrow, February 22nd.  Opening deals include the following: 50% discount on the opening day 30% discount every Friday 20% discount for every student and taxi driver See below for the full menu […]

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Banana Leaf Saigon

Banana Leaf Halal Restaurant

Just visited a new halal restaurant in Saigon today.  Banana Leaf @Saigon is owned by the former owner of Halal@Saigon offering Malaysian, Singaporean and Vietnamese halal cuisines.  I visited Banana Leaf today with the owner of VNMuslimTours, Mr. Aly.  You will be greeted by very friendly staff and a very outgoing manager.  The manager immediately […]

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Kedai Makanan Halal Idris Restaurant in Saigon

Kedai Makanan Halal Idris – Another halal restaurant in Saigon

Today I had lunch with a Vietnamese Muslim friend at Kedai Makanan Halal Idris restaurant in District 8.  This halal restaurant serves both halal Vietnamese and Cham cuisines.  Idris is a buffet style restaurant where you serve yourself.  If you want a particular rice dish, they can prepare it for you.  The prices are very good too.  For two people (more…)

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Vietnam Delight halal restaurant

Vietnam Delights – new halal restaurant in Saigon

Several months ago, a new halal restaurant opened in Saigon called Vietnam Delights.  Vietnam Delights serves both halal Vietnamese and Cham cuisines.  It is already one of my favorite halal restaurants in the city.  Prices are good.  I love the nasi goreng, as usual.  My other favorites are the curry dishes and, of course, the halal spring rolls.

Edit: A group of us went to Vietnam Delights for dinner over a week ago and were appalled by the poor service we got.  Read John’s commernce here -> http://getoffthetrail.com/2012/06/06/ga-ca-ri-curry-chicken-173-of-365/


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Pinky Ice Cream in District 1 (Saigon)

Pinky Ice Cream

After being harassed by Evelyn for sending her to a construction site and not Pinky’s a couple months, I finally found one near where I live in District 1.  Pinky’s is one place where you can get a good ice cream sandwich.  I think they are better here then at Bud’s Ice Cream.  Several Pinky’s have shut down in the last year but new ones have replaced them.  They are more “mom and daughter” shops anymore.  Prices are good but you will need to scream for service.

Sorry, forgot to get the address to this one. (more…)

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La Casa Mexican Food in Pham Ngu Lao (Saigon)

La Casa Mexican Food

La Casa Mexican just opened opened in Pham Ngu Lao over a week ago.  It is run by the same original owner of Margarita.  Due to its location, the restaurant is quite packed though the Mexican food is pretty much the same quality as Margarita.  The portions were a bit small, not really worth the price. Photos below: (more…)

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Vietnamese meal at Cuc Gach Cafe - Saigon, Vietnam

Cuc Gach Cafe

I visited Cuc Gach Cafe, a popular Vietnamese restaurant, last Sunday with my friend.  It serves traditional Vietnamese food.  The catch, it serves a different menu each day.  Customers just arrive, sit down, and then the waiter will bring some food shortly after.  I really enjoyed what they brought to us Sunday evening.  (more…)

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