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Reviews of some of the most interesting restaurants, coffee shops and cafes throughout Saigon.

Insalata salad in Saigon

Had this good salad from Insalata. I chose the salad with tuna fish so not entirely vegetarian. It was good and timely delivered. You can...

Veggie miso soup

Had some veggie miso soup with seaweed and tofu. Really great evening meal. Easy to make as well.

Furikake for iodine

Decided to get my iodine intake from furikake, a popular Japanese seasoning put on top of rice. I got this furikake in Saigon.

Veggie Pizza in Saigon

The veggie pizza from Vittoria is my goto pizza now.

Vitamin B12 and Flaxseed In Saigon

Two very important supplements you will need if you are eating a predominantly vegetarian / plant-based diet. B12 is crucial if you do not...

40,000 VND Vegetarian Lunch in Saigon

I had this for lunch near my house today. Only costs about 40,000 VND ($1.80 USD) here in Saigon. I am mostly plant based...

Chow mein Yakisoba

Really miss this. Yakisoba is one of my favorite Japanese noodles. Too expensive to import from the US. Maybe a friend will hang carry...